Reliable Contracting & Equipment Co.
Infrastructure - the permanent structures and support systems upon which major projects depend.

Once completed, much of our work is unseen and unnoticed, but always remains vital to the continuing success, operation and longevity of the total effort.

Reliable bring expertise, equipment and manpower to tasks ranging from the complicated installation of mare than 20,000 feet of an underground, large diameter chilled water pipeline in Chicago's downtown area, at night, to the simple repair of utility manholes.

Knowing how to get things done under difficult circumstances is probably the greatest advantage we offer. Working around physical and regulatory restrictions in high traffic areas requires careful planning and coordination that makes massive equipment and teams of workers appear and disappear on schedule and with unfailing precision. The result is rapid and thorough completion of the task with professionalism and minimal disturbance to the flow of local activity.



Our people excavate, pour, assemble, coordinate, construct, monitor, build, test and finish the projects that you plan.

Reliable & Associates Construction Co.

THE GENERAL CONTRACTING ARM of Reliable provides total management service for both new construction and renovation projects. Assignments have ranged from the simple to the complex, from redecoration to total development.

Typical assignment have included manufacturing, maintenance shops and office facilities for the Electro-Motive Division of GMC, commercial office renovations (removal, resurfacing and refinishing of wall, ceiling and floor surfaces; interior decoration) and a variety of restaurants (structural build-out; electrical, plumbing, HVAC; detailed woodworking; setting of etched glass panels; and final decoration).

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