The Jardine Water Filtration Plant is a critical resource that requires regular maintenance and system improvements to reliably meet the needs of millions. Projects have included the replacement of miles of distribution pipe water mains throughout the city and rehabilitation the chlorine and fluoride system.
Before the landmark structures rose to join the cityscape, Reliable helped prepare the way. For each of the major McCormick Place stage, Reliable provided important infrastructure service including large diameter sewer pipe and water mains, and installation of complete site utilities.

Over the year Reliable had gained the trust of businesses, such as the Electro-Motive Division of GMC, by providing major renovation and build-out-services. Contracts have included manufacturing and production areas, office suites, and presentation and consultation theater. Customers’ concerns regarding propriety elements and confidentiality are always observed and enforced.
Multi-conduit electric service requires careful placement of spacers and pipe lengths. The completed job features concrete encasement of all runs plus backfill to restore the natural prairie setting for Commonweal Edison.
The underground installation of an Ameritech CEV (Controlled Environment Vault) requires a deep and precise excavation. A level, smooth and stale base is critical to the correct operation of this climate controlled, subterranean workroom. The surrounding steel reinforcements are required to protect the team that joins the two-part chamber and connects the communication and power lines. The special challengers presented by the congestion of people, structures, and service lines have proven an effective training ground for learning to meet schedules, budgets and high expectations under different circumstances.
Reliable & Associates Construction Co. has experience creating the specialized interiors of restaurants. Typical services such as those shown at the Phoenix Restaurant, include fine woodworking and trim, installation of etched glass panels and other decor items, custom lighting effects, carpet and tile treatment, and design motif detailing.

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